Modelling Days

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a model for a day?

Our Model Experience Day at Model Guides offers individuals the chance to become a fashion model for the day. It is a great confidence builder and an amazing opportunity to gain an insight in to the modelling industry and to get tips to succeed in the modelling world.

So, what happens on our Model Experience Day?

1. Our Model Coaches will introduce you to our team and talk you through the Model Experience Day. They will offer advice from posing to facial expressions that will help you learn how to model like a pro and get the most out of your experience with us.

2. Our stylist will take a look at your outfits and advise on what to wear to suit your body type. During a Model Experience Day you will have the option to mix and match your own clothing with our wardrobe to create four stunning looks.

3. Next, you'll get into the beauty chair for hair and makeup to prepare you for your first two looks. Our creative team will not only make you look and feel gorgeous but also talk to you about what colours, shapes and styles suit you.

4. Once you are looking like a model, our friendly and professional team of photographers will take you to the shooting arena to be photographed in a number of different locations and backdrops.

5. After your first two looks, we will bring you back to the hair and makeup area to get a more dramatic overhaul and prepare you for your final two looks. We recommend stronger posing and more dramatic movement for the second and third looks.

6. A Model Guides Adviser will talk you through your images and show you the end result of your day in the life of a Professional Fashion Model. This is a good time to ask any questions to our consultant directly.

By the end of the Model Experience Day, you will have had four top-end industry standard modelling shoots. You will also have a wealth of industry-insider knowledge including tips and tricks on how to model professionally, how to “dress to impress”, what styles of clothing flatter your look and styles of hair and makeup that suit you, as well as the experience of how it feels to become a professional model for the day.

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Who Are We

Model Guides has been created with the aim to provide the ultimate day for those interested in becoming a model or for anyone looking to experience a 'day in the life' of a professional fashion model. You will be able to learn modelling tips from experts and enjoy an exciting, confidence building day including model coaching and a professional photo shoot.

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