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Advice For Parents

We work with all parents to ensure that your child enters the modeling world safely and with all the necessary advice and tips to make sure that it’s something that they are ready for. With our years of industry experience we are able to guide you and your child through the first steps into breaking into the modelling industry and advise you on how to market yourself and look for modelling work albeit through a recommended agency or by doing it freelance. Once you have registered with us, one of our model representatives will call you to discuss your application and with them you can feel free to ask them about any queries you may have.

billAvoiding Scam Agencies

The way modeling agencies make their money is through finding you work and taking a percentage of what you earn. 

Things to look out for when spotting a phoney agency:

  • You should not be asked to pay an agency any more than a small one off administration or marketing charge.
  • Agencies that have no address or phone number should be avoided
  • If you are under the age of 18, always have an adult accompany you
  • Thoroughly read and understand its contents first and establishing that they are a legitimate agency.
  • If an agency tells you that you need a portfolio

Scouted On The Streets

Many cowboy agencies will send out staff to scout models in the street that they think have potential for fashion modelling. They can often approach you outside top retail outlets and ask if you have modelled before.  They will take a photo of you and hand you over details about their so called agency, and say that they can find you work or have a specific job for you. They are generally not a legitimate agency and will never find you any work but they will try and convince you to part with money to either sign with their agency or to produce expensive images which they then wont promote you with.

Applied To An Advertisement Online or Through A Newspaper Classified Ad

Adverts in the back of newspapers and on Gumtree can look appealing, as they are generally asking for models urgently and are not looking for them to have any experience. Always be extremely careful as this can sometimes transpire into adult modelling and there will always be a cost involved to either sign with them first or again to produce a portfolio. Generally they will ask you to take part in a casting with a host of other applicants that have applied through their advertisement, but during the casting they will try and sell you the images from your session, which are generally unprofessional and have no variety to appeal to an agency.

Always stay safe and checkout an agency online before meeting with them in person and never feel pressured into signing a contact without taking it home and reading it through carefully.

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